You have heard techies say their dream is to work for the best tech companies in the world.

While even the non-tech fraternity who are tightly knitted to technology crave for such opportunities, it’s vital to understand what makes a tech company rock!

Is it their product being praised in the Forbes Magazine or the company being featured in Fortune 100 annual list?

As glorified as such opportunities are, best tech companies are those with a peculiar culture from which their products emerge. This goes beyond great benefits and regular promotions; both of which are important.


Top 10 Best Tech Companies, What Sets Them Apart

Though most of these companies are headquartered in the USA, they have expanded to various countries around the world due to their ability make their employees feel like family.

Using this list, you could select the kind of tech companies you want to work for wherever you are. And if you’re going to put up your own company, you could borrow from these companies the way to keep your employees happy and productive.

1. Salesforce

The American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, USA, is considered as the No. 1 Customer Success Platform in enabling companies to connect with their clients in a whole new way.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce serves its clients through over 30,145 employees based in USA, Switzerland, India, and Tokyo.

Salesforce provides its employees with unlimited learning and internal promotion opportunities while cultivating the family culture, ‘Culture of Ohana”.

They have a Chief Equality Officer who helps them embrace each other’s diversity in gender, race, national origin, religion or sexuality.

Besides rewarding them with great benefits coupled with a luxurious Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Salesforce encourages employees to volunteer by awarding them up seven days paid time off to serve in their favorite causes.

That explains why the company scored $3.28 billion in their second quarter of 2018 in revenue.

2. SAP

With its headquarters in Germany where it was founded in June 1972, Systems, Application & Products in Data Processing, SAP’s over 88500 employees are glad to belong.

The multinational beliefs in remaining competitive hence the need for numerous Research and Development location, labs around the world. Its four prominent labs are in Germany, USA, India, and China.

Unlike other older technology companies, SAP invests its energies in nurturing next generation of leaders while encouraging all its employees to breath to life their plans and ideas.

Talent is leveraged through sufficient training to enable employees to get ahead in their careers.

They enjoy flexible, remote-friendly work environment and plenty of advancement opportunities giving them great morale despite demanding delivery expectations.

Employees are also enticed to stay onboard through terrific benefits; free lunch, free gym, good vacation and 401K, health insurance and excellent stock purchase plan.

That explains SAP earned $6.8 billion in revenue during the second quarter of 2018.

3. Adobe

The global leader in digital media and marketing solution founded in December 1982 is headquartered in San Jose, USA.

Armed with over 17,000 employees to serve its clients around the world, its primary development operations are in USA and Canada.

Adobe’s employees are expected to contribute to the growth of the company regardless of their positions. They can choose to work from home or other locations as long as they observe teamwork and embrace their foreign culture.

But should they want to work at the office, they are assured of great food options and free parking. Employees enjoy extensive learning experience and numerous promotion opportunities.

The company provides lactating mothers with free breastmilk shipping serves to ensure their babies continue to feed right while they work.

In the case of grief, Adobe assists their employees’ families to follow up insurance claims among other benefits. They also provide up to 6 weeks paid up sabbatical leave based on tenure.

Wooing the employees with a great compensation plan, Adobe recorded revenue of $2.29 billion in its third quarter of 2018. They mean business when they say they want to make their clients’ and employees’ stay with them an experience.

4. Intuit

Founded in 1983 in California, USA, business and financial software company, Intuit builds intuitive web, mobile and cloud solutions to power prosperity around the globe.

The corporation employs over 8,900 and has offices in UK, Australia, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, Canada, and Israel.

With excellent benefits, free food, excellent healthcare cover after screening and continuous learning opportunities, Intuit aims to attract and retain top talent.

The company is keen to pay for every hour worked while ensuring flexibility for those who need to work off-site.

Intuit invests up to $1,000 on their employees’ wellness; body and mind. This takes care of massage therapy, home cleaning services, life coaching, financial planning, and camping gear.

Managers also meet with their juniors every month to discuss their professional and development growth.

The remarkable compensation program that includes tuition reimbursement, company-paid health coverage for dependents and ESPP entices employees into productivity. It helped Intuit rake in $2.9 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2018.

5. Facebook

Being among the youngest yet most thriving tech companies in the world, the American online social media, and social networking service company, Facebook was launched in February 2004.

It is headquartered in California, USA while working to serve the entire world except in a few countries where it is restricted. Facebook hires over 30,275 employees who work in offices in USA, Ireland, and India.

Set to make an impact around the world, Facebook is keen to hire top talent to stay ahead in technology.

Its employees enjoy free food, a shuttle to work, work-life balance, working in small teams and amazing benefits in a fast-paced environment.

Every minute is a learning minute as everyone is surrounded by knowledgeable people they can learn from.

Facebook offers up to $20,000 for egg-freezing and $4,000 in “Baby Cash” to employees after bearing children besides 18 weeks paid maternity leave and 7 – 12 paternity leave.

This happy family saw Facebook’s revenue for the second quarter of 2018 close at a rewarding $13.2 billion.

6. Google

Specializing in Internet-related products and services, the American multinational technology company founded in September 1998 is headquartered from California, USA.

Google runs over 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the world while hiring more than 85,050 workers. Its drive is to create numerous ‘products that the world can’t do without.’

The engineer-driven company believes in awarding employees jobs outside of their comfort, encouraging them to grow. Working around top talent provides fair reference points for all employees enabling team players to grow even faster.

Besides work, employees enjoy a fun atmosphere composed of free lunches in their main campus, excellent compensation and lots of benefits.

The company isn’t afraid of competition; employees are allowed to use gadgets and software from competing companies.

Management doesn’t worry about it; they see it as an opportunity to learn what the competition does. What matters to Google is for all employees to deliver.

Google’s gives new mothers up to 22 weeks leave while fathers and those who adopt between 7 and 12 weeks ago, all paid. Upon the death of an employee, the surviving partner gets 50% of the deceased’s salary for the next ten years.

In return for keeping its army of employees happy, Google saw its third quarter of 2018 close at $33.6 billion in revenue.

7. Ultimate

Founded in 1990, Ultimate Software prides itself in the ‘people first’ slogan producing a cloud-based human capital management solution for businesses.

The technology company hires over 4,877 people with its offices in USA, Singapore, Canada, and the UK while retaining its headquarters in Weston, Florida, USA.

Ultimate’s environment is conducive for women and has been named as one of the Great Workplaces for Millennials. It observes a great sense of community while ensuring work-life balance coupled with myriads of great benefits.

Management goes out of their way to ensure that everyone feels supported and is happy even if it means having an ice cream truck in the compound. This has seen Ultimate’s second quarter of 2018 close at $271 million in revenue.

8. Nvidia

Founded in 1993, Computer hardware and software inventor, Nvidia believes in solving some of the world’s harshest matters through superhuman capabilities.

The corporation is headquartered in California, USA to serve the world through over 11,528 employees.

Nvidia allows its employees to work from anywhere while prioritizing teamwork to ensure constant evolution. In return, they have an excellent benefits package and unlimited vacation time to let them blend their work and personal lives in a way it suits them best.

Nvidians get free concierge services to run their errands such as picking grocery from convenient stores.

This helps them to focus on work instead of worrying about how and when to do such duties. They only need to pay for the items they desire to purchase.

Nvidians enjoy an Employee Stock Purchase Plan that allows them to buy company shares at about 80% discount.

This and other enticing deals propelled them to generate $3.12 billion in revenue during the second quarter of 2018.

9. World Wide Technology

The technology service provider founded in July 1990 and headquartered in Missouri, USA prides itself in providing jobs to over 5000 employees.

While in other companies leadership lives behind closed doors, World Wide Technology employees have the privilege to discuss their needs with their leadership like in a real family.

It gives them the zeal to embrace a continuous learning mindset to exceed management’s expectations.

Employees enjoy flexible hours, can work from home, and have excellent health insurance among other lucrative benefits in their employee compensation plan.

Such a combination can only see WWT soar to make an annual revenue of over $10.4 billion in a year.

10. Cisco

The American multinational founded in December 1984 is headquartered in Silicon Valley in California, USA. With the help of its over 72,790 employees, Cisco manufactures and sells networking and telecommunication equipment around the world.

Cisco allows each employee five days in a year to volunteer in causes of their liking while still being paid; it encourages them to think about the needs of other people while being grateful for what they have.

Every employee also gets a personal public holiday; a total of 10 days off around their birthdays to celebrate with their loved ones.

With great perks comes the need for proper money management; Cisco provides its employees with a personal money coach to help them put their finances in order.

Coupled with an Employee Stock Purchase Plan that allows them to buy shares twice per year at 85% of the market value, it makes the employees want to work harder.

This has seen Cisco earn about $12 billion in revenue per quarter.


In conclusion, best tech companies demonstrate humanity and humility are facilitating for the evolving of both their people and products.

They encourage and practice peer to peer respect and empowerment instead of employees elbowing each other for recognition by top management.

They have an open door policy where everyone’s opinion is listened to and evaluated for its place in the growth of the organization.

Such companies identify talent in their employees and place them where they can use it best. They also value personal and professional growth of their people.

If you are a tech enthusiast, don’t shy off if you can’t code; you may have a different talent yet passionate about testing and possessing technology-based gadgets. There is a place for you in the best tech companies.

As for the techies, a skill in coding may become your only salvation. Before you make the next move, evaluate what the company offers in exchange for your expertise.


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