Tony Robbins is an American bestselling author, personal and business strategist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He is best known for his books ‘Unlimited Power’ and ‘Unleash The Power Within’ which he has turned into a high-energy yearly live event where he helps thousands of participants transform their lives through taking action on what they learn from him.

Net Worth: 500 Million $
Age: 58 Years
Born: February29,1960
Country of Origin: United States Of America
Source Of Wealth: Author/Motivational Speaker
Children: Two
Spouse: Sage Robbins (m. 2001), Becky Robbins (m. 1982–2001)
Last Updated: 2018

He emphasizes,

“The Path to success is to make massive determined action.”


Who is Tony Robbins?

Having spent his tender and teenage years in a malfunctioning family, Robbins wanted a better life; a life he has worked hard to model for himself by getting rid of every type of fear that would hinder him.

For that Robbins is known to be the most confident man on earth; it is this confident that he sells to millions of his listeners all over the world.


He is persuasive and in each one of his events, the participants are frenzied into dancing, chanting and sometimes walking on red-hot coal during his Fire Walk event.

He is one speaker that is able to remain active on stage for over ten hours while delivering valuable content to his listeners.

Investing his energies in various businesses, Robbins is known as the man who never stops. Besides his self-help business, he invests in mining, nutritional supplements, sports teams, hospitality, credit cards and wealth management. He is an ever-evolving due to his believe,

“There are always two businesses you have got to manage; there’s the business you’re in, and the business you’re becoming.”

This is his call to everyone he coaches.



How Tony Robbins started out as a broke janitor – And became the world’s most influential person.

Despite not having gone to college, Tony Robbins’ career life is characterized by transformative infomercials, books, and seminars.

Through progressive growth in each one of these, he has become a renowned authority on the psychology of leadership, personal and business mastery.

Guided by the belief;

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”


Robbins set and wrote down three major long-range goals which he has lived to see come true to-date.

He desired to become one of the most famous and important people in his time, enjoy his life and make it worth living as well as make other people’s lives more enjoyable through his understanding and happiness.

It is no wonder that his interest in human behavior led him to coach people to use their power to create extraordinary lives.

At the age of 17, Robbins worked for a motivational speaker, Jim Rohn as a salesman, promoting his self-help products. John was 50 by then and Robbins always regarded him as one of his early mentors and a beautiful man.


He later met John Grinder, co-founder of Neuro-linguistic Programming in the early 1980s and became his partner, teaching NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Grinder taught him how to get rid of phobia for good.

By working for these two men, he began living the life he desired; that of a successful life coach, while guided by his belief,

“ If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”



As early as 1988, Robbins threw his massive energy into infomercials and released his first one, ‘Personal Power’ that was produced by a direct-response marketing company, Guthy-Renker.

The infomercials contained information gathered from interviewing celebrities of all kind; a route that was rarely taken by motivational speakers then. This gave him a wide exposure enabling him to launch himself as a peak performance coach and sell his Personal Power self-help audio tapes.

This gave him mileage ahead of his competitors. His success made it clear to them,

“People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky; they are doing something different than everyone else.”

In 1997, Robbins started the Leadership Academy seminar and since then he holds a number of annual events in different venues around America and other parts of the world such as Fiji and Marco Island.

Though each is high-priced, people all over the world attend these dynamic events with the hope of transforming their lives. These events include Unleash the power within, Business mastery, Life mastery, Wealth Mastery and Date with destiny.

He has since then been featured as a speaker at TED talks in 2007, partnered with family therapy teacher, Cloe Madanes and founded Robbins-Madanes Center for Intervention where life skills coaches are trained to help people deal with addiction-related issues.

On a personal level, Robbins has coached celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams, Mikhail Gorbachev and Oprah Winfrey.



As an author, Robbins wrote his first book, ‘Unlimited Power’ when he was only 25 years. This book equips its readers with the ability to increase their emotional and financial freedom, gain self-confidence and win the cooperation of others.


Together with Awaken the Giant Within, published in 1991 and Giant Steps: Small changes to make a big difference published in 1994, these books focus on personal mastery.

Focusing on financial freedom, Robbins prides himself of two bestselling books including Money: Master the Game; a book that guides readers on 7 simple steps to acquiring financial independence for a lifetime.

The book is based on research he gathered from one-on-one interviews with fifty top financial minds. They include American publishing executive Steve Forbes, celebrated stock investor Warren Buffett, American billionaire investors, and hedge fund managers Raymond Dalio and Carl Icahn.


Following the success of “Money”, Robbins penned down Unshakable: Your financial freedom playbook and had it published in 2017. The book aims to transform and fast-track the reader’s path to financial freedom.

Robbins has created a multitude of informative programs that can be purchased on the internet in audio or video format. They include Make Your Life Extraordinary, Turn your dreams into reality and Become a master of sales and persuasion.

His passion is in seeing people’s lives transformed hence the desire to share what he knows in every way.

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfilment.”


Robbin’s Philanthropy (Give Back, Experience the Gift of Living by Contributing)

Armed with the drive to give regardless of the tough times that surrounded him, at 17, Tony fed 2 families during Thanksgiving. In the following year, he fed 4 and then 10 in the next. He partnered with friends to feed more families.

Robbins partners with organizations to feed over 4 million people every year in 56 countries. His foundation is devoted to providing fresh water to 100,000 people daily in India.

In America alone, he gave 59 million meals to people in need. He doesn’t like to see people suffering and he believe,


“It is not what we get, but what we become, what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives”

types of cement that believe.


How Tony Robbins Achieved a Net Worth of over $500 Million.

Having made his first million at the age of 24 majorly from his life coaching business, Robbins became unstoppable making at least $1 million annually. He would go on to start companies and build partnerships with like-minded friends. His confidence, businesses, and fame grew all at once.


Owning 33 companies and running a dozen of them, Robbins now expects annual revenues of above $6 billion. His interest is in anything that changes people’s lives. His net worth is in the figures of $500 million.

Here his Top Rules:


Tony Robbins Early Life: From an abusive childhood to a billion-dollar empire

Born in Anthony J. Mhavoric on February 29th, 1960 in North Holywood, California, Tony was the oldest of his mother’s three children; his sister, Tara, and brother, Marcus.

His parents divorced when he was 7 and later his mother married Jim Robbins, a semi-professional baseball player who legally adopted Tony when he was 12.

His family moved a lot and several times they lacked enough food. This led to a lot of disagreement between Jim and Tony’s mother.

But on one specific incident during Thanksgiving, when a delivery man showed up at his family’s house to donate some food, his Jim turned him down. Sensing the anger, the delivery man warned him not to let his ego get in the way of taking care of his family.



Tony witnessed his father turning down a meal that was much needed. Deep within, he realized that some strangers somewhere cared about him and his family. He set a goal to feed families when he grew much older. Jim later left the family.

During his stay with his mother, Robbins witnessed plenty of fights and divorces between his mother and the different men that she married; he knew four different fathers. She kicked them out of her house whenever she was fed up with them.

Despite the tough life and abuse by his mother, deep inside he knew she loved him. His mother abused drugs and alcohol, a fact he only got to understand when he was much older.

When he was 17 years old, he had a fight with his mom and she kicked him out of the house never to return. He started living in his car but later moved in with his friends.

While attending high school, Tony took up various jobs; as a janitor to support himself and later a salesperson. He took speed reading classes and began to read anything he came across in the quest to understand human behavior.

Reading, journaling and giving became the core drive in his life. This enabled him to formulate his own strategies and tools for the success he desired.

Tony Robbins Personal Life (Wife, Children, Divorce)

Robbins is a father of four. In 1984, he adopted his first three; two boys and a girl, when he married Rebecca ‘Becky’ Jenkins who was 11 years his senior and had been married twice before.

By then he was 24 years old and his former girlfriend, Liz Acosta was pregnant with his son, Jairek; Robbins’ only biological child. His marriage to Becky lasted 14 years; it ended in 1998 with a divorce that took 3 years to clear due to the assets they had.

After the divorce, Robbins thought being with one woman was impossible. He dated several women simultaneously and made sure they were all aware of it. He didn’t want to be married again but felt free enough to take them to his resort in Fiji for 5 days instead of going out for coffee or lunch.


His visit to Playboy Mansion changed every bit of his thoughts about women. Though he had a great time there, the ultimate fantasy of having different women all at once ended when he felt he didn’t want to take any one of them home in the evening.

He had already met his life match, Sage, though she was still a friend. He seemed to be guided by his belief,

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

Robbins met Bonnie Humprey ‘Sage’ during one of his events and was instantly attracted to her. They first became friends and then she became his coach as he was trying out dating.

He could call her early in the morning to talk about his dating experience and the two could laugh about it. She felt she was made to love him as a friend, not a husband. She even helped him get all the women off the island of Fiji.


Six months later the two decided to start dating. Robbins felt he was they were so much alike and he didn’t have to pretend to be something he wasn’t unlike in his previous relationship. He later married Sage in October 2001.


When he was 29, he bought a massive beachfront mansion in the Namale resort in Fiji Island. The 525 acres resort and $25 million estates in Palm Beach, Florida which is his main residence are among 5 other homes Robbins owns. He also prefers to take private jets instead of traveling on a commercial plane.



“Private jets. Private flight. Extraordinary. There’s nothing that changes quality of life when you travel as much as I do, as that.” He says.


Tony Robbin’s Height

In his Sophomore year in High school, Robbins stood at 5’1 but gained 10 inches in height in one year. This growth spurt was caused by a tumor at the base of his brain that brought about the excess release of growth hormones into his system.


The tumor was discovered when he was 31 when he did a scan required as part of his medical test needed to renew his license as a helicopter pilot.

By then the tumor had shrunk by a third. His doctor suggested to him to have it surgically removed, an option he turned down knowing that it could have resulted into a disaster.

Robbins didn’t want to try any medication given to him citing that his heart was alright hence no need to get any kind of treatment. Today, his height measures 6’7.

Robbins views this excessive growth as ‘Personal Growth’, something that his clients pay him well for. Despite the fact that it denies him the pleasure of fitting in cars and buying clothes, with the understanding that, “Things do not have meaning. We assign meaning to everything” has enabled him to use it to his advantage.


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