Best places to visit & things to do in Hawaii – Beaches and Island


What is the best time of year to go to Hawaii For Vacations?

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean hides Hawaii, a collection of eight fairy islands.

Best known for the hula dancing, palm trees, and white sand beaches, Hawaii will surely meet your every expectation.

The 50th state of America offers many cultural highlights, and countless attractions favorite among tourists, some of may have seen in movies.

On Oahu, one of the islands, you can even explore WW2 warships or enjoy the sun on Waikiki beach. Speaking of beaches, Hawaii represents home to green and even black sand beaches.

So, if you plan to visit this astonishing state and leave with a great experience, you have to visit at least two of the islands. If you wonder what places you shouldn’t miss in Hawaii, let us help you with our list of the best places to visit here.


Your trip to Hawaii won’t be complete if you miss out Honolulu.

It’s the largest city in the state, and also the capital. It’s favorite among tourists because of the vibrant atmosphere and many exciting things to explore, such as the highlight of the city, the famous, Waikiki beach.

It’s a mix of multiple beaches connected to each other. Duke Kahanamoku represents one of the most popular choices among travelers and local surfers.

If you enjoy landscaped, climb the Diamond head crater that gives an astonishing view of Waikiki. And don’t forget to visit Pearl Harbor, where the highlight represents the USS Arizona Memorial. It’s one of the most popular attractions here.


Although Oahu represents one of the most popular islands among tourists, they still prefer the capital over it.

This place is less crowded and draws fewer tourists. The others don’t know what they’re missing. Oahu offers amazing beaches that you won’t believe are real.

If you’re a surfer, you will love it here. The North Shore probably has the best winter waves. Most people here prefer a laidback lifestyle, and they represent the perfect contrast to the busier areas of the dreamy island.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Oahu is the third biggest of the Hawaiian islands and is definitely worth your while.

Whatever you wish for, Oahu has it, starting with relaxation, shopping, adventure, natural wonders, and world-class cuisine. You name it. A perfect place for a vacation.

Lanikai Beach

Searching for paradise on earth?

Visit Lanikai beach. Found on the eastern coast of Oahu, this beach will take your breath away.

You only need 30 minutes from the capital to get to Lanikai beach. The place is definitely worth your time and visit. Once you step on this beach, it’s like entering a whole new world.

Some call it the “Heavenly sea” due to the impeccable appearance. The blue water, hot golden sand, and vast shades of the palm trees will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

Once you visit the Lanikai beach, you will understand why it’s constantly rated as the best beach on the island. If you’re into quiet but still nice places, you should consider visiting this tropical beauty.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you’re planning to visit the Big Island, you shouldn’t miss the Hawaii Volcanoes under any circumstance.

The national park has two active volcanoes, Manua Loa, the most massive shield volcano in the world, and Kilauea that remains as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

This site was also home to Goddess Pele and represents an important historical landmark to Hawaiian people. If you want to know more about the history of this place, visit the Kilauea visitor center and get an up-close view.

It’s how most people take the spectacular photos of the crater. If you’re lucky enough, you might even witness the ancient power of molten earth bubbling into the water.

I will cost you $25 to visit the park by car. And $12 to enter the park without a car.


All Hawaiian islands were developed at a different pace. But all have their remarkable beauty. And Molokai isn’t an exception.

Even though it’s not one of the best-developed islands in the chain, it’s still worth your visit. Molokai isn’t your typical island.

It’s more for people who prefer the sound of waves, instead of party music and crowded places. Also known as the “Friendly Isle”, this piece of heaven will win your heart at first gaze. It has a uniquely rich history.

The most popular attraction here represents the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. It once served as a leper colony. However, today Molokai represents a definition for undeveloped beauty with great potential that you will probably notice once you step foot on this ground.

Hiking in Pala’au State Park or soak in the waters of the beach Papohaku are two of the things you can do here.

Waimea Canyon

Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific the Waimea Canyon represents one of the best places to visit on your trip to Hawaii.

Found just miles inland of the Na Pali Coast, this place has plenty of greenery to offer, while the desert-like landscape will amaze you at first sight.

This place is best to visit and explore in the morning because clouds often appear during the afternoon. You can go hiking through Koke’s State Park or go camping.

This place has a lot to offer for passionate, adventurous travelers.

Na Pali Coast

Also known as the Garden Isle, Kauai hides a gem worth exploring, the Na Pali Coast.

Impressive cliffs dressed in green vegetation which crumble fast and meet the sand of private hidden beaches will seduce you. And the scenery will captivate you because it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Perhaps you will recognize this coast once you step foot because it is Jurassic Park and many other movies were primarily filmed. Besides enjoying the beautiful landscapes, you can also go hiking along the cliffs.

If you’re one of those travelers who’s always ready for an adventure, you might ask some locals to teach you how to jump off the cliffs into the crystal clear waters safely.

Haleakala National Park

Often referred to as the East Maui volcano, the Haleakala represents a shield volcano.

It forms over half of the Maui island and the area surrounding it is called the Haleakala National Park. Hiking is one of the most popular activities here, but most travelers visit this place because of the gigantic crater.

If you decide to hike along the Pipiwai trail, you can cool off and take a swim in some of the pools there.

You can also check out the mesmerizing 400-foot Waimoku Falls that are located at the end of this trail.

Akaka Falls

One of the most popular attractions on the Big island represents the Akaka waterfall. These falls are the most famous sight favorite among tourists.

They’re a part of the Akaka Falls State Park where you can see the 100-foot waterfalls. But make sure you don’t visit in the afternoon because then the sun takes the worst position behind the waterfall making it hard for you to see it.

It’s also ruining the photos, so it’s always a better option to visit in the early morning.

If you want to enter the part, you will have to pay a fee of $5 if you’re entering with a car. And only $1 if you’re entering by foot.

Black Sand Beach

Another popular attraction on the Big island represents the famous black sand beach. Yep, you’ve heard right. You can enjoy black sand on this beach.

It’s one of the most recommended places to visit by people who claim they’ve had a great experience at this beach. It represents one of the most unique places in the state because of the black sand.

And tourists aren’t the only ones into this place, but Hawaiian green turtles too. They visit the beach occasionally.

So, if you’re lucky enough, you might encounter one on your stay here. Imagine yourself enjoying the black sand with a turtle next to you. Crazy, right? But possible on the black sand beach in Hawaii.

If you wonder why there’s black sand on the beach, here an explanation. Apparently, it’s the volcanoes fault because the sand formed when melted lava flowed into the water by two nearby volcanoes.

It after cooled and broke into pieces and made the shore black and unique.
If you’re wondering, what’s the best time to visit Hawaii, the answer would be anytime.

The summer is warm and dry with the average temperature between 75˚ – 85˚ F, while the winter is cooler, but not like the mainland USA. If you want to travel on a budget, you might want to skip the holiday period in the USA due to expensive accommodation.

You might also want to skip the summer period and high season that includes January, February, and March.

Spring and fall represent the perfect season to visit Hawaii or take a vacation here without having to break your bank account.


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