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Texas Attraction

If you’re looking for an adventure, Texas is the place to go. It’s a large state located in the southern U.S. abundant in forest and deserts.

If you visit, don’t forget to visit the largest city in Texas, Houston. It’s a home to the Museum of Fine Arts featuring art by famous Renaissance and Impressionist painters.

Texas, Houston

Set afoot at the Space Center Houston featuring interactive displays made by NASA. Your trip to Texas won’t be complete if you miss out the capitol, Austin best known for the LBJ Presidential Library and the eclectic music scene.

If you visit San Antonio, you will get to see the many highlights of the city such as the legendary Texas Revolution battle site.

National Museum of the Pacific War

And the National Museum of the Pacific War.

If you’re a history buff, you will love it in Dallas because it’s a home to many museums and countless golf courses.

And if you’re into outdoor activities, you can visit some of the many national parks with new hiking trails Texas has to offer. But let’s not discover all the beauties of this state in the intro.

Keep on reading to find out more about the best places to visit in Texas and before booking a ticket today.



We start the list with one of Texas modern metropolis, Dallas. It represents a cultural and commercial center of the region filled with exciting places to visit like the Sixth Floor Museum.

President John F. Kennedy’s


It displays information on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

If you’re into art, the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Dallas Museum of Art will blow your mind.

Dallas Museum of Art

And if you want to observe contemporary art, the Nasher Sculpture Center is the place to go.

It displays modern sculpture.

If you visit, don’t forget to climb the Reunion Tower and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the city.

For the nature enthusiasts, Dallas has an Arboretum and Botanical Garden where you can see large alluring gardens.

Dallas Zoo

And if you’re an animal lover, you should visit the Dallas Zoo presenting the African wildlife.

For those who plan to attend, it’s best to do it between September and October as most tourists attracted by interesting events like rides and auto shows.

San Antonio

San Antonio

Second on the list of best places to visit in Texas is the dominant San Antonio. It’s a city with a rich historical background, located in south-central Texas.

It’s definitely worth your visit because of the exciting highlights you can visit such as Alamo, the Spanish mission from the 18th century that’s turned into a museum.

River Walk

It commemorates the 1836 battle for the independence of Texas from Mexico. If you visit, you will be able to attend the many shops and cafes lined on the River Walk along the San Antonio River.

Don’t forget to climb the Tower of the Americas and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. For history buffs, there are dozens of old missions and mansions from the 18th and 19th century to visit.

And if you like art, you can enjoy the ancient Egyptian, Asian and American literature at the San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay Art Museum displaying American and European art.

Botanical Garden

There’s also a Botanical Garden featuring various flowers and plants for nature enthusiasts. For animal lovers, there’s the San Antonio Zoo.

If you plan to visit San Antonio, it’s best you do it between March and May because of the beautiful weather. And if you want to be a part of the Festa San Antonio, visit in April.

Austin (The State Capital Of Texas)

capital, Austin.

Third on the list of best places to visit in Texas is the capital, Austin. It’s an inland city famous for the eclectic music scene and the many lakes and parks where travelers hike, swim, ride a bike, or enjoy a boat ride.

Austin also represents a home to the University of Texas campus and an 1888 capitol building in Revival-style.

LBJ Presidential Library.

It’s one of the highlights of the city together with the LBJ Presidential Library.

If you like art, visit the Museum of Art with Latin American artworks on display. And if you want to admire the perfect bond of modern venues and buildings in Victorian style, come to the Sixth Street.

You’ll also enjoy the view of the Lady Bird Lake running through the heart of the city next to Zilker Park where you can swim in the Barton Springs pool heated by natural springs.

If you plan to visit Austin, the best time to do it is between March and September. If you want to attend the Austin Film Festival, visit in October.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend Park

Another interesting place you can visit on your stay in Texas is the Big Bend Park. You will love it here because it’s the perfect place where you can escape from the city fuss where you can enjoy nature.

We’re talking about 800,000 acres of mountains, canyons, and desert with diverse wildlife offering recreational activities. If you’re into camping, rafting, exploring river and canyons, Big Bend is the place to visit.

Chisos Mountains

If you visit, you can enjoy the highest top in the Chisos Mountains, the Emory Peak. Or explore the Santa Elena Canyon. Or visit Panther Junction Visitor Center with interactive displays, nature trail, bookstore, and theater.

The most popular time to visit Big Bend National Park is between March and May when the weather is, and the desert is blooming.

Bend National Park

If you enjoy stargazing, you should spend at least one night in the park and enjoy the dark skies offering you a chance to gaze thousands of stars.


As you can notice from the so far mentioned places to visit on your stay in Texas, the state has a lot to offer, starting from historic centers for history buffs, too many national parks for nature enthusiasts.

Houston Grand Opera.

Houston is one more major city you that’s worth the attention because it represents a home the famous Houston Grand Opera.

In this city, you can enjoy a delicious meal at some of the upscale restaurants. Or admire the 19th-century architecture.

It’s like a paradise for history buffs because of the dozens of museums you can find at the Museum District such as the Museum of Fine Arts. Or the Menil Collection.

There’s also the Museum of Natural Science bordering with Texas Medical Center, Rice University and many other famous research institutions.

Uptown’s Galleria

If you like shopping, the Uptown’s Galleria is the place to go. And if you want to experience a bit of the nightlife, visit the Montrose neighborhood famous for the nightlife and cool shops.

Most travelers visit Houston between May and August. However, if you want to be a part of a local event like the Martin Luther King Grand Parade, visit in January.

Galveston – Island City On The Gulf Coast


Located on the Gulf Coast, Galveston represents an island paradise famous for Moody Gardens filled with monkeys, gigantic glass pyramids, house sharks and other animals.

If you visit, you can enjoy a meal at some of the restaurants lined on Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. Or have an exciting experience at the amusement rides.

Galveston Island State Park

To the West, you can find the Galveston Island State Park rich in birds, fishing spots, kayak launches, and trails.

If you want to get away from all the fuss, you can visit East Beach and Stewart beach located in the eastern end of the island.

If you’re going to explore the city, attend the Strand Historic District filled with old buildings from the 19th century, shops and restaurants.

Strand Historic

The heart of the town contains many grand mansions turned into museums you can also explore.

If you plan to come to Galveston, know that the best time to do it is between May and August.

If you want to attend the parties, concerts, and parades occurring in this place, you should visit between January and November.

Padre Island and Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island and the National Seashore

Another place where you can enjoy some peace is Padre Island and the National Seashore of the site. They’re located on the southern coast of the state. And they’re both fantastic, especially the seashore.

It’s a protected area with secluded beaches protecting the Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. The Bob Hall Pier is serving as a fishing center for people who like fishing.

Grasslands Nature Trail

And if you want to explore nature, the Grasslands Nature Trail goes through the swampy bird-rich terrain. It’s a perfect place for camping, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.

There’s also a Visitor Center featuring a museum where you can learn more about the history of the place and a gift shop. The favorite time to visit is between May and August.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is one more city along the Gulf of Mexico that you should visit on your stay in Texas. It’s surrounded by beaches and islands such as the Mustang Island and the Padre Island we just mentioned.

If you visit, you can set afoot at the Texas State Aquarium with shark exhibit, aquatic nursery and touch pools. Or visit the naval aviation museum displaying USS Lexington and a WWII aircraft carrier.

naval aviation museum

There’s no favorite time to visit Corpus Christi because it’s a year-round attraction. But, if you want to be a part of the Fiesta de la Flor, visit in March, April or May.

And if you’re going to attend the Big Bang Celebration, visit in June and July.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

If you’re a fan of deserts, reef mountains and diverse wildlife, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is the place to visit on your stay in Texas.

Often referred to as the Signal Park, Guadalupe is 8,751 feet above sea level and represents the highest natural point in the state.

scenic McKittrick Canyon

If you visit, you’ll get the chance to explore the scenic McKittrick Canyon.

Chihuahuan Desert

It protects a riparian oasis located in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert.
If you plan to visit, the best time to do it is between March and May. And if you want to admire the charming fall foliage, visit between late October and early November.



Midland is the last place to visit in Texas on our list, not because it’s less fun to explore but because we saved the best for last. Located in western Texas, Midland represents an oil industry center.

Petroleum Museum

And as a part of the Permian Basin area is a home to the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum featuring a replica oil town known from the 1930s and history details of local oil research.

On your visit to Midland, check out the Childhood Home of George Bush dating from 1939. Or explore some of the many museums at the Museum Complex.

Don’t forget to enter the sculpture garden. Or the Blakemore Planetarium. If you’re a nature enthusiast, the I-20 Wildlife Preserve has diverse birdlife, a lake, and trails to explore.

sculpture garden. Or the Blakemore Planetarium

The best time to visit Midland is during the big annual events such as the celebration for Independence Day on July 4 featuring a kids’ parade and concerts.


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